22 Free Online Marketing Tools

Free Online Marketing Tools that makes Live easier.

Below is a list of online marketing tools that you can use to realize or improve the website’s online visibility.

You understand very well why you need to be a brand with online marketing tools. After you have devised a content marketing strategy, the next step is to create content. But, best fellow marketers, we all know that this is the biggest pitfall, making life-sized opportunities unused and shrinking beautiful ambitions.

What if you got useful tips to work freshly inspired by relevant, engaging content while saving time, money and energy? In this article I give you 22 smart free content marketing tools. Hopefully they will help you to book your best results soon!

To do. Four letters, which for content-marketers who are confronted with this often produce a valuable reality check. Hands out of the sleeves and getting started is ultimately where many, if not everything, falls or stands. Hence, I stop this introduction and summarize some amazing and useful online marketing tools. And still free too. Make 2017 the year that you really optimize your content production!

I have divided my 22 tooltips into 7 categories:

1. Obtain inspiration for content marketing ideas
2. Avoid Writer’s Block
3. Write some catchy heads
4. Get concrete titles for blog items
5. Produce cool video content or GIFs
6. Create effective static visuals
7. Not enough tools yet?

Get inspiration for content marketing ideas

I often say: ‘Engaging content never happens by chance’. Why does content have a huge reach among a relevant audience, does it go viral or leads (directly or indirectly) to conversions? Because, in spite of the perfect effect, it is especially a good idea in the form of, for example, a popular theme, a very relevant point of view, a creative combination of online marketing tools, a surprising logic or insufficient factual knowledge. Need more or different ideas for your content marketing? Then check out the 5 tools below.

1) Consumer Barometer with Google

consumerbarometer.comThis free online marketing tool helps you understand and understand how and what people worldwide use the great internet. Dive into the bins to self-segment information. You may discover gorgeous content opportunities that allow you to grab your audience based on relevant prostate throat features and needs.

2) Übersuggest

ubersuggest.ioWhen you rely on online content to achieve goals, it means that you think about keywords to be timely. We all know online marketing tools like the Google Keyword Planner, but that tool does not really cost anything at all, which inspires a SEO-dna content merchant. Try completely free Übersuggest to find more relevant keyword ideas based on alphabetically sorted shorttail and longtail searches. This will make your next publication or even campaign more effective.

Do not forget: In the list shown by Übersuggest, click on search for your language region by clicking on a keyword to get an idea of ​​the “popularity” of the topic you’re using from a dropdown right through Google Trends. Possible to deepen in your content. Below is an example for the search for online marketing tools:

3) Social media and Google tell you more … (3x)

Google (Hot) Trends Visualizer

Google Trends offers a lot of segregation of search query information. Trend graphs about time comparing various words / word combinations that you enter into, give you a quick insight into where content chances are, including regional. Do you get it as a marketer to get what it’s all about?

A cool feature within the tool – which I know few marketers use – is the Google (Hot) Trends Visualizer. Trying out is definitely recommended, especially if the actuality is something you would like to regret regularly (who does not actually?).

PS1: In the bottom right, set your language region.
PS2: At the top right, you can choose a preferred grid to show more topics at once.

Twitter Search

Okay, Snapchat has taken Twitter, but with Twitter Search you can still snuggle up to current topics.
1. Keywords
2. Hashtags
3. Account names
And, if necessary, refine through “advanced searches”.
That Twitter and Google are really nice friends, you’ll also see the overlapping pre-written topics in this and the tool that I’ve tagged.


SocialMediaToday is an online community and platform for professionals worldwide in marketing, social media, communication, customer experience, content marketing and digital strategies (yep, this comes from their About page). But you do not have to work in online marketing as a marketer to get ideas for your own content marketing strategy.
For example, think of “Help content.” Why would you like to sell your favorite video in your niche – say surfing stuff – for example, on youtube?

From the homepage on SocialMediaToday you get popular content from blog articles and whitepapers to videos and columns without registering you. Also go to ‘trending topics’ to be inspired to get started with certain content angles.

Analyze – apart from the theme – how those popular content pieces are built as title, set-up, media-richness, etc. is also educational. Can you discover the factors for success?

Avoid Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. Causes are often perfectionism, “stage anxiety” and wrong timing. It is very human, but also good to solve. Actually, many of the mentioned content marketing tools are already a great remedy against that stifling ‘Man, oh man, oh man, I do not get a letter from my keyboard’ feeling. But there are also many other ways to stimulate the writer spirit.

Watch this video and read the articles. They are actually no tools (well, sue me!), But they can certainly help you.

1) Dealing with Writer’s Block [10 minute video]

2) 14 Tricks to Overcome Writer’s Block
3) 20 Great Tips to Crush Your Writer’s Block

Write some catchy headlines

How important a catchy headline is for the success of copy or the range of content to be published, I hope you will not explain. The title is often your first contact with a possible visitor / reader, and if your title does not have a certain x-factor, it’s likely a direct cut-off. The rest of your writing and other content utilization has become worthless. Avoid making sure that the two tools that you write-write skills can definitely improve.

1) CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

coschedule.comThis was such a finding that I became happy. I advise you to try out this ‘headline booster’, which, in terms of teaching qualities, goes beyond the beneath tipped tool of Portent.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer helps you proactively write a better title. Start with an already well-considered title. You will then get an assessment of the quality of your title based on an analysis of common words, uncommon words, emotional words and power words, and therefore concrete suggestions to improve them. Additional writing tips are also available with a click. How valuable and cool is that ?!

2) TweakYourBizz Title Generator


A surprisingly generous tool that gives you free flood of potential (blog / article) titles. Of course, it also gives you much inspiration at the same time to think about content angles. However, I choose to focus on the ‘Write a Better Title’ aspect, because it is good at this tool.

The great added value is that you get a lot of “categorized titles” at one time, on a gift sheet. Copywriters will recognize techniques and formulas which makes excitatory copy what it is .. excitement. Also cool: you can easily download the list of title suggestions. Have a prioritized theme for your business for a year’s article ideas.

Get titles for blog articles

Are you still looking for the right intriguing angle for your content and know where you want to focus your content more or less? For the inspiration you need, the following 3 online marketing tools are handy based on specific titles.

1) Portent’s Content Idea Generator


This is already a classic, but I keep using and tipping on clients and fellow content marketers. It’s a free online marketing tool with serious added value. You get ideas that your brain team really will run.

Suppose, via Übersuggest, you found out that the theme animation video gives you many related searches, so you can cautiously conclude that there is a need for solid content in the market. Then get that theme maker through this title maker to find a surprising, funny, intriguing, diverging heading for your next audience-focused piece of content.

Let the online marketing tool run as often as you like. That one triggering title leads to the bigger idea you need. And uhh … also note the theoretical underpinning of the title elements, especially for non-seasoned copywriters.

2) Hubspot Blog-topic Generator


Super handy online marketing tool, totally free, but you just throw potential titles eg your blog articles in your lap. Take this! Thank you! Enter 3 nouns (person, place, thing, attribute etc.) and click, there they are. Admittedly, not always exact but you can keep trying for useful inspiration and (sub) heads.

3) Inbound Now Blog Title Generator


On the start url, this tool is a way to get over your writers block. This way you can see the added value of the output, although I consider the greatest advantage to skip to other titles with a variable that you can fill in with your mind. That variable is the (SEO) keyword that targets your intended target theme.

Make cool GIFs and video content

Engagement with your content is increased by moving image. Sufficient surveys to stamp that irrefutable. So create a GIF to fool your blog post or to draw attention to social media. And also use video content for your branding, or to create more content information for your audience. It will surprise you how easy the creation of this kind of moving footage can be. Check out the following 4 free online marketing tools for content marketing.

1) WeVideo – Online Video Editor


Make free beautiful looking videos and do it again in collaboration with others? It can with WeVideo, an online video creation and / or Android and iPhone app platform. With a free account, you get at least 1 GB of data space to produce amazing video content. Use the integrated library of media files or upload your own images, photos, audio, etc. You can also save your incomplete video editions in Google Drive (the cloud). With a paid premium feature account, you have more options.

2) Magisto – Online Video Editor


If you get into online video editing tools, you’ll definitely come across Magisto. The app has a fast growing crowd of enthusiastic fans. Share valuable experiences in the most beautiful way, or make it special, which means the tool is profiling. With the many easy-to-use options (themes, layers, etc.) you can quickly and surprisingly get out of the way, really fun to use. The tool will help you to get the most out of your own photos and videos and sharing the end result is of course also simple. All free to use!

3) PowToon – Animated Video Alternatives


Animation videos are popular and effective. The design style, the tone-of-voice; This content format can be the distinctive element for your organization, brand, or product. A combination of powerpoint and video, which is PowToon. Without spending a lot of time, you can produce a beautiful movie that will capture attention through drag-and-drop templates and various editing options. Moving to various channels is of course possible. Work out a good script for your proposition or story and get started!

4) GifCreator – Online Animated Gif Maker


With the 100% free GifCreator you can create fast-paced animations in gif format. If necessary, edit your footage from your phone or laptop with image editors as discussed earlier in this article. Then vary with the playback speed, the number of frames to upload, the pixel size and view your poison before downloading it. From ad to avatar or for social media meant dynamic content, it’s not easier.

Create effective static visuals

Edited Images, Escaped Screenshots, Infographics, Memes That Can Be Viral: They’re Easy to You. For all your content efforts, from social media buzz to blogging, and from video productions to ad campaigns, the following 4 design online marketing tools are a valuable addition. Start with your work in a simple way visually versatile and more fun. You can not market anymore without content as of 2017 and beyond.

1) Snagit Capture Software


Free Screen Capture software. Many features allow you full or smaller screenshots edit all formats, merge, text to meet, share etc etc. In order to have sufficient power of expression is a ‘must have’ for visually oriented marketers who understand that Content and the idea do not always have to deviate from the perfect effect.

2) Pixlr – Online Photo Editor


For image edits, for which you’ve been to a skilled graphic designer in earlier times, I have an extensive but easy-to-use online marketing tool. Create a free account and create a world of visual delights. You have the choice between Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express. Especially the last web app I find is incredibly useful ; it invites you to easily try to get amazing results in a flash. Download your image in the resolution you want, use it and drop the applause.

3) Canva – Simple Graphic Design Software


The big advantage of this online marketing tool is that the free version (yes, you can also upgrade for a small amount) has many template designs and images ready for you. Create an advertisement, infographic, e-book or invitation for that gift event of your business?

Not enough content marketing tools?

In advance, two more content marketing tools, to learn it.

Combining Fonts
Fonts can reinforce or weaken your message. Find the perfect match between fonts with TypeGenius. Choose a start font and get the best possible combinations. Super Handy!

Optimize color palette
Thoughtful design of content has to do with the correct color palette. Communicate even better by using Pictaculous to discover which other colors are best suited to your images. Color codes can also be seen immediately.

Lots of Succe$$ with your free online marketing tools.